# Hello,


My name is Olga and I live in Cologne. I’m a frontend developer with strong technical background and 8 years’ experience in project management. I fond of raccoons and shopping.

This is my web page where you can find information about my professional experience and skills. Please feel free to contact me.

After obtaining my Master of Science degree, I have got the rich work experience. In October 2013, my small family moved to Germany. I’m always open to the new ideas and opportunities and can grasp quick.

Thanks to my education, professional carrier and hobbies I dispose the following skills:

JavaScript ECMAScript 2015 React JS React Bootstrap jQuery Webpack Karma Sinon Jest Enzime Node.js Express HTML5 CSS3 SASSLESS JSON AJAX MySQL MongoDB WebStorm Git

I like to attend different clubs and events in fields of IT-businesses and web development. I have good connections with various freelancers in the areas of design, SEA, SEO, software and web development.